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Healthcare Pricing Data with ZeaTool

Check Your Hospital Compliance Status

With our compliance tool, you can check if your hospital meets Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) price transparency rule and avoid up to $2M penalty.

Build your Market with Our Pricing Data

Using our transformed pricing data from hospitals, you can create Market Analysis and strategies to give business value for your customers.

Check Hospital Compliance Status
Healthcare pricing data & insights.

Knowledge is power

Explore the most valuable pricing data
to build reports and insights.


We have hospitals pricing data
just waiting for you to discover

Gross Prices for Items, Services and Service Packages

Cash Pay

All Insurance Negotiated Rates

De-identified Min & Max Negotiated Prices

A magical mix of features for Compliance

We understand the challenges with CMS Price Transparency Mandate for your hospital to list charge master and shoppable services. So we have built key features in ZeaTool to make it easy for you to list prices, and easy for your potential consumers to understand them.

Getting Started is Quick & Easy

Guaranteed CMS Compliance

Designed by humans, for humans

Integrates with revenue-generating services

ZeaTool Features
Easy to list healthcare pricing data in CMS-required format.

Easy To Setup

Give patients the transparent pricing information they want. We've made it easy to list your data in the CMS-required format. We can complete the process in less than a week for small to medium-sized hospitals

Get CMS compliant with customized branding.

People-First Design

We've designed ZeaTool to be easy to use for both you and the people who use your site. ZeaTool integrates seamlessly with any website and can be branded to match your organizations colors and logos.

Clear negotiated Pricing Data

Get Advanced Insights

Want the competitive advantage? We give you healthcare data and insights to expand your practice and offer services your community is looking for. Peep into and compare your prices and services with other providers in your area.

Ready For Price Transparency?
Become CMS Compliant with ZeaTool.

Making Healthcare Feel Better for Providers.

People are shopping online for healthcare.

We've created a new marketplace

to allow you to list your services and prices, so that people can buy them.

We Market your Services at ZeaMed

Provide your services and their cost and we will list them on our ZeaMed so that the consumers can purchase.

Receive Bulk Orders

We purchase services in bulk from providers and offer to our consumers.

How Does ZeaTool Help?

ZeaTool is the price transparency and compliance engine that helps hospitals and insurance companies to comply with the CMS price transparency mandate. Employers can use the tool to negotiate contracts directly with providers.

How Do We Make You Compliant?

ZeaTool cleans messy and complex chargemaster data and converts them into a machine-readable format. We help you list your actual hospital pricing data clearly on your hospital website for patients and employers.

How Compliance brings value to providers?

Care providers can avoid CMS penalties and save up to $2 Million by complying with the CMS Price Transparency Regulations. We help providers gain a competitive edge as a transparent and reliable healthcare provider, winning the trust and loyalty of their patients.

Can ZeaTool help Insurance Companies Comply?

Yes, certainly. ZeaTool can help insurance companies convert their negotiated pricing data into the CMS required format. Further, we assist them to list the negotiated prices.

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